1138654795502Oralingua (“oral language”) – founded by 8 families of hearing impaired children in 1969 – works with children from infancy to 12 years old from two campuses in Southern California (Whittier and Escondido).

They’re a private school, open year round, that offers summer programs to help students understand and express themselves using both written and spoken language.

Website http://www.oralingua.org


Phone:  Whittier:  (562) 945-8391   Escondido (760) 294-0525

Location: Whittier: 7056 South Washington Avenue, Whittier, CA 90602   (map)

Escondido: 1305 Deodar Road, Escondido, CA 92026  (map)

Painted Turtle Camp

Painted Turtle campFounded in 1999 by Paul Newman and Page Adler, The Painted Turtle camp offers children with serious medical conditions and their families a unique camp experience designed to foster personal growth and exploration. They aspire to help campers discover all that is possible in their lives by making new friends, trying new things, building self-confidence, and becoming more independent in their medical care.

The Painted Turtle provides a unique and safe camp experience for children with a wide variety of medical needs, including:

  • spina bifida and paraplegia,
  • cerebral palsy and limb deficiency,
  • rheumatic diseases,
  • skeletal dysplasia and mucopolysaccharidosis,
  • kidney disease and transplant,
  • liver disease and transplant,
  • immunodeficiency disorders,
  • total parenteral nutrition,
  • Crohn’s and colitis,
  • hemophilia,
  • von Willebrand disease,
  • thalassemia, and
  • severe asthma and allergies.

Campers and their families attend free of charge.

Website:  http://www.thepaintedturtle.org

Contact: info@thepaintedturtle.org

Phone:  (310) 451-1353

Location: 17000 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Lake Hughes, CA 93532  (map)

Pasadena Child Development Associates (PCDA)

PCDAPasadena Child Development Associates, Inc. is a multidisciplinary group of professionals that work together providing a wide range of therapy services to children with developmental challenges and their families.

Using the DIR®/Floortime approach, PCDA has become an innovator of quality programs and services for children with developmental challenges. Additionally, their team offers educational programs for parents and professionals.

PCDA offers a variety of services for children with special needs. Social/play skills intervention in-home. Music therapy, social skills groups in summer. They serve infants to children up to 12 years old.

Website:  www.pasadenachilddevelopment.org

Contact:  Christine Kim  pcda@pasadenachilddevelopment.org

Phone: (626) 793-7350 ext 283

Location:  620 North Lake Avenue  Pasadena, CA 91101  (map)

Penny Lane Centers

Penny Lane CentersPenny Lane is a private special education day school for children with developmental disabilities that runs during the regular school year with summer school hours.

Penny Lane’s mission is to foster hopes and dreams by empowering children, youth and families to reach their highest potential.

They welcome all clients regardless of gender, race, age, religion, disability, marital status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, sexual expression and identity.

Penny Lane has eight locations throughout Southern California.

Website:  Penny Lane Centers


Phone: Individual Center Contact Info

Locations: North Hollywood, North Hills, City of Commerce, Santa Fe Springs, Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Ana.   (map)


Pilgrim Pines Camp

Pilgrim PinesPilgrim Pines is a traditional residential summer camp that provides mainstreaming opportunities for the developmentally disabled. Affiliated with United Church of Christ.

Pilgrim Pines offers programs for kids of all ages (grades 1-12), as well as three programs specifically tailored to individuals with special needs.  Seedlings (ages 10-14) Pinecones (15-21) and Pinesters (adults 22 and up) are special needs campers that enjoy traditional camp activities in an beautiful and fun inclusion setting.

Website:   Pilgrim Pines Summer Camp

Contact:   info@pilgrimpinescamp.org

Phone: (909) 797-1821

Location:  39570 Glen Road  Yucaipa, CA 92399  (map)

Pride Learning Center

Pride Learning Center


Pride’s reading and writing program is based on Orton-Gillingham research and uses the multisensory elements of listening, seeing, touching, and moving.

Pride’s structured program follows a routine that begins with recognition of the letters, the sounds of the letters, and the sounds of letter combinations (phonemes).  They first build a strong foundation for each student, fill in reading gaps from the past, and then move forward, step-by-step through practice and repetition.

In addition to the one-on-one lessons with a certified Pride teacher, the students also utilize the latest advances in computer based reading technology to enhance learned concepts through a familiar multi-media interface. The Pride approach is unique in its ability to help students build lasting memories of learned concepts. Every child at Pride becomes an independent and confident reader!

With 5 locations throughout Southern California, pride offers year-long (including summer) programs for kids of all ages.

Website:  www.pridelearningcenter.com

Contact:  info@pridelearningcenter.com

Phone:  (866) 774-3342

Locations: Redondo Beach, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, West Los Angeles, San Clemente  (map)

Pulsar Fit

Pulsar FitPulsar Fit caters to the specific recreational needs of individuals with disabilities. They have recently started Soccer Starz classes, and will soon be offering classes in dance, basketball, social interaction, softball, karate, fitness boot camp, swimming, social interaction, tumbling and sports skills.

Pulsar Fit is operated by experienced professionals that understand the value in physical activity. Their classes are designed to help students develop in all aspects of their physical, intellectual and general well=being.

Pulsar Fit students develop highter physical potential by developing the right skills at the right time for age-specific developmental windows.

Classes are run by experienced instructors who know how to adapt and accomodate to individuals with unique needs so that all their students learn, develop and become successful. All while being in a safe and productive environment.

Website: www.pulsarfit.com

Contact: Lis Mullins lis@pulsarfit.com

Phone: (323) 687-2334

Location: South Gate Park., South Gate, CA. (map)

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Rose Bowl Aquatics CenterThe RBAC offers programs for special needs swimmers of all ages.

The Stingrays swim team is for kids with special needs, ages 6-17 years old. This program focuses on stroke development, endurance, strength and overall health, and provides opportunities for individual instruction and team building.  The program includes swimmers with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, cerebral palsy, motor planning problems, weight issues, lack of coordination and more, to develop their competitive swimming abilities, social and physical health.

The Stingrays host special events and competitions at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. They compete against two other special needs teams. The Stingrays also host social gatherings, including a summer barbecue, practice swim meets, fundraisers, and a holiday party.

The Mantarays swim team swim team is  for adults with special needs.  They focus on stroke development and strength training, and use this focus as a tool to build endurance, and for weight loss and weight management. Adults with special needs are at a higher risk for obesity and eating disorders. With proper training, nutrition workshops and the supporting social network of the team, they fight to combat this growing trend. The Mantarays also attend special events and competitions hosted by the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and other social gatherings with the Stingrays including a summer barbecue and holiday party.

The Anderson Adventure Camp H2O  welcomes all children with special needs to this thrilling camp packed with art activities, sports games, field trips, swim lessons and more. With a ratio of 2 to 1 and a maximum of 10 per group, children  receive constant support and supervision from trained and experienced instructors. Parents may create their own schedule by picking the days they want. Camp is for the month of August only.

Website:  Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

Contact: Alethea Crespo, Kandis Pulliam

Phone:  (626) 564-0330 x409, x419, x417

Location: 360 N Arroyo Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91103 (just south of the Rose Bowl)  (map)

Rosemary Johnson & Associates Clinic

Rosemary Johnson & Assoc.

A pediatric occupational and physical therapy clinic in Monrovia, CA.  They have been providing these services to children in our area for over 25 years.  Summer programs include Fit Kids (exercise), Movin’ & Dancin’ (dance and movement), and Writing Rocketeers (handwriting) and are open to children with and without special needs.

Website:  www.rjclinic.com

Contact: Susan Lorin  Sue@rjclinic.com

Phone:  (626) 357-9934

Office:  116 E. Walnut Ave.  Monrovia, CA 91016  (map)

Say N’ Play Camp

LA Speech and Language CenterThe Say N’ Play Summer Speech Camp, run by the Los Angeles Speech and Language Therapy Center, is an intense speech and language based program taught by licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs).

Their innovative camp is thematically based and includes weekly field trips to exciting locations such as the Aquarium of the Pacific, Los Angeles Zoo and AdventurePlex. Additionally, select children receive individual or group pull-out speech therapy two times per week from our culturally diverse staff of SLPs.

Since it’s inception in the late ’90s, this fun-filled camp has gained in popularity, drawing staff and families from around the country.

 The staff to child ratio is 1:4 or 1:2, depending upon each child’s need, as determined by their team.  Support staff are college students from across the country, many of who return each year.  They also include very responsible high school volunteers  – the best and brightest from local private schools – whom they affectionately call “speech buddies”, who serve as “buddies” to the children while also stimulating speech and language in an unobtrusive manner.

Also included are behavior interventionist support staff who assist with our children who present behavior challenges.

Say N’ Play Camp hosts two sessions each summer, and space is limited as sessions fill up quickly.

Call for a free 30 min screening to determine you child’s needs and their appropriateness for the  camp.

Website:  Say N’ Play website

Contact: LA Speech & Language Therapy Center

Phone:  (310) 649-6199

Office: Los Angeles Speech & Language Therapy Center, Inc.  5761 Buckingham Parkway  Culver City, CA. 90230  (map)