Karate For All

Karate For AllKarate For All is a Community Occupational Therapy based Martial Arts Program in Orange County, developed specifically for children and adults with special needs. Using Occupational Therapy knowledge and skills, KFA combines the discipline of martial arts to achieve motor, cognitive, social and processing goals.

Each class is instructed by Pediatric Occupational Therapists that hold Black Belt Degrees in:

    Shōtōkan Karate

    Shitō-Ryū Karate

    Tae Kwon Do


Website:  http://www.karateforall.org

Contact: Wayne Centra karateforallbusiness@gmail.com

Phone:  714-731-4668

Location: 3002 Dow Ave. #114  Tustin, CA 92780
27341 Trabuco Circle  Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Camp Keepsake

cancer camp

Camp Keepsake, a program of Cancer Hope Foundation, is a place where adults with cancer and cancer survivors can go with their family and friends to spend time away from the hectic and often stressful routine of doctor visits and treatments.

The camp is cost-free, and offers a variety of fun activities and for people of all ages in a woodsy camp environment, always mindful of the safety and special needs of the campers.

Primary applicants for Camp Keepsake are adult cancer patients/survivors. However, since each accepted adult applicant can bring up to 5 guests cost free (enabling the accepted camper and his/her guests to all attend cost free), accepted guests (of accepted campers) can be of any age.

Camp Keepsake provides an environment where family and friends can also learn more about cancer related topics. It is a place to laugh, cry, and embrace life together.

Persons with illnesses closely related to cancer, patients in remission, and/or people with other situations wherein the Camp Keepsake directors deem attendance appropriate, are also welcomed under special circumstances.


Contact: info@cancerhopefoundation.org

Phone:  (805) 384-5445

Location: Forest Home Ojai, CA  (map)

Camp Okizu

cancer campMore than 3,000 children with cancer have experienced the thrill of summer camp at Camp Okizu since 1982.  At camp, the children rediscover that they are children and not just cancer patients.  For many, it is the happy memories of camp and the anticipation of next year that help them through their painful treatments and diagnostic procedures.  Camp Okizu makes a real difference in a child’s ability to cope with his or her disease.

Expert medical supervision is provided by the pediatric oncology departments, social workers and recreation therapists from the participating hospitals. All prescription medications (oral, inhaled, inject and intravenous) are administered at camp as needed, on schedule, by licensed nurses and physicians.

Camp Okizu is located at Berry Creek, California, 70 miles north of Sacramento.  Air-conditioned buses provide transportation to camp from Palo Alto, Oakland, Sacramento and the Fairfield area. You may also drive your child to camp.

There is no charge to send your child to camp.  Children between the ages of 6-17, with approval from a parent or guardian and their physician, are eligible to attend.

Website:  http://www.okizu.org/programs-calendar/oncology-camp


Phone:  (415) 382-9083

Location: Berry Creek, California  (map)

Camp Reach For The Stars

cancer camp

Camp Reach For The Stars is for children with cancer and their siblings and immediate families.

Held annually in South Forest Home Ojai Valley (South Camp) located in Ojai, California (for families who live between Lompoc/Santa Ynez and Simi Valley).

The camp offers many recreational activities, and is staffed by healthcare professionals in a lovely forest and ocean setting.

The American Cancer Society underwrites the camp, and there is no charge to attend.

Website:  http://www.cancer.org

Phone:  (800) 227-2345

Location:  South Forest Home Ojai Valley (South Camp)  Ojai, California  (map)

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times

cancer camp

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times offers a wide variety of Camp programs designed to meet the needs of every patient, sibling and family who attends.  At camp, boys and girls and their families thrive in the safe environment created especially for them, by recapturing the hope, enthusiasm, and love of adventure that are essential parts of their youth.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times programs have expanded in recent years to provide year-round  programs supporting families and children impacted by cancer.

Services are free for patients, who range in age from newborns to young adults, and their families.

Website:  http://www.campronaldmcdonald.org

Contact: info@campronaldmcdonald.org

Phone:  (310) 268-8488

Office: 1250 Lyman Place, Los Angeles CA  90029

Camp: 56400 Apple Canyon Road, P.O. Box 35, Mountain Center, CA. 92561  (map)

Dream Street

Dream Street camp

Dream Street provides camping opportunities for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses.  Children with cancer, blood disorders, and other serious diseases are given the opportunity to enjoy activities they would normally be restricted from due to their illness.

All Dream Street programs are free of charge.  They operate camps in Ojai, CA. and at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.



Phone: (424) 333-1371

Location: 324 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.  90212  (map)