Camp Scherman

Camp Scherman

Camp Scherman is an extraordinary place where girls of all ages and abilities are welcome. Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, the 700 acre camp award-winning camp is recognized as one of the finest youth camps in southern California. In the camp’s nurturing, healthy environment, girls can break away from their summer routine and venture into new experiences that help them grow and become more independent and responsible.

Camp Scherman is a fully-integrated camp. Staff “awareness aides” help the camper join in all of her group’s fun activities, but they are not nurses. Campers must be able to take care of their own bathing, restroom and feeding requirements. Awareness Aides can assist with reminders to use the restroom and provide simple help at meal times. Parents are asked to fill out the application form, and to provide as much information as possible about their camper’s special needs so that she can be placed in an appropriate unit. Every attempt will be made to place girls with disabilities in units with girls who are close in age. Girls in high school will be placed with older campers, usually girls in grades 7-9. Camp staff will follow up with the parents once the applications are received.

Website: Camp Scherman

Contact:  Erin

Phone: (949) 461-8800

Camp Location:  San Jacinto Mountains, near Idyllwild, CA.  (map)