Camp Okizu

cancer campMore than 3,000 children with cancer have experienced the thrill of summer camp at Camp Okizu since 1982.  At camp, the children rediscover that they are children and not just cancer patients.  For many, it is the happy memories of camp and the anticipation of next year that help them through their painful treatments and diagnostic procedures.  Camp Okizu makes a real difference in a child’s ability to cope with his or her disease.

Expert medical supervision is provided by the pediatric oncology departments, social workers and recreation therapists from the participating hospitals. All prescription medications (oral, inhaled, inject and intravenous) are administered at camp as needed, on schedule, by licensed nurses and physicians.

Camp Okizu is located at Berry Creek, California, 70 miles north of Sacramento.  Air-conditioned buses provide transportation to camp from Palo Alto, Oakland, Sacramento and the Fairfield area. You may also drive your child to camp.

There is no charge to send your child to camp.  Children between the ages of 6-17, with approval from a parent or guardian and their physician, are eligible to attend.


Phone:  (415) 382-9083

Location: Berry Creek, California  (map)