Camp Keepsake

cancer camp

Camp Keepsake, a program of Cancer Hope Foundation, is a place where adults with cancer and cancer survivors can go with their family and friends to spend time away from the hectic and often stressful routine of doctor visits and treatments.

The camp is cost-free, and offers a variety of fun activities and for people of all ages in a woodsy camp environment, always mindful of the safety and special needs of the campers.

Primary applicants for Camp Keepsake are adult cancer patients/survivors. However, since each accepted adult applicant can bring up to 5 guests cost free (enabling the accepted camper and his/her guests to all attend cost free), accepted guests (of accepted campers) can be of any age.

Camp Keepsake provides an environment where family and friends can also learn more about cancer related topics. It is a place to laugh, cry, and embrace life together.

Persons with illnesses closely related to cancer, patients in remission, and/or people with other situations wherein the Camp Keepsake directors deem attendance appropriate, are also welcomed under special circumstances.



Phone:  (805) 384-5445

Location: Forest Home Ojai, CA  (map)